Culture Agenda - Register for Join India Conference 2023 with Professionals at Harvard

Culture: Enhancing India’s soft power by 2030

The culture theme of the India Conference at Harvard addresses ways in which India can enhance its soft power -- whether through bollywood, spirituality, internal equity, or LGBTQ+ rights and more...
21st Feb 6:30-7:30pm IST
20th Feb 8:00-9:00pm ET


India's Spiritual Heritage

19th Feb 8:30-9:30am IST
18th Feb 10:00-11:00pm ET



The New Voice of Media & Entertainment in India

19th Feb 7:30-8:30pm IST
19th Feb 9:00-10:00pm ET


Fireside Chat

The Trials, Tribulations and Triumph of Indian Women's Hockey - Will they "Chak De India " in 2024?

21st Feb 8:30-9:30pm IST
20th Feb 10:00-11:00pm ET


Mission Olympics 2032: How Do Indian Sports Make A Quantum Jump?

21st Feb 9:30-10:30am IST
20th Feb 11:00pm-12:00am ET


LGBTQ Movement in India, Policies and Education